CK Links--Friday February 13, 2015

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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Striving for the perfect diet is making us sick. (Popular Science)

There is no such thing as "gluten intolerance." It's completely made up. (HuffPo)

Dear Americans: stop being ignorant about your food! (Rural Running Redhead)

How to get better at detecting junk science. (Popular Mechanics)

Debunking a myth that I'd honestly rather not see debunked. Red wine may not be all that good for you after all. (Bloomberg)

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A free online e-course that looks very interesting: "The Land Ethic Reclaimed: Perceptive Hunting, Aldo Leopold, and Conservation" at the University of Wisconsin. (University of Wisconsin, via A Mindful Carnivore)

Provocative thoughts on the philosophy behind choosing to not vaccinate your kids. (Zero Hedge)

How to use "headline judo" to navigate the media effectively. (David Katz)

Why did we all lose our minds over Beanie Babies? (Slate)

You have no idea what happened. This article should make us all humble about our memories... as well as our confidence in them. (New Yorker)

Dying of cancer is the best death. (The BMJ)

No, I beg to differ. Cancer is not the best death. (Medscape)

We now have a second global warming scandal. To me, the worst part is how this gives real science a bad name and creates a general sense of mistrust in the discipline. (Telegraph)

Intriguing thoughts about relationships and Dunbar's number. (50by25)

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Melissa said...

Fantastic links this week! Thank you for all the great finds.

Daniel said...

Melissa, you're very welcome.. I stumbled onto lots of good reading this week. Glad you're enjoying it too!


Marcia said...

Great links, but that sound blurb on the MMR vaccine is false. There have been deaths from measles.

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing!

Cassie @ Rural Running Redhead said...

Thanks for sharing my link! (And all the other great reading here).