Chocoholics Anonymous: Day 31 and the END of the Chocolate Fast!

There’s a bit of a controversy as to when this chocolate fast actually ends. In the same post from May 5th where I talked about doing a 30-day trial, I also talked about going off chocolate for one month--until June 5th.

One of my better examples of mental clarity.

Of course, May has 31 days, so a 30-day trial starting May 5th actually ends on June 3rd, meaning technically I was able to eat chocolate as of today. A one-month trial, of course, would last until the end of June 4th, making tomorrow the official first day off the wagon.

This either proves once and for all that my math skills are suspect, or it proves I can’t even properly craft a decent test of character. It certainly is compelling evidence that I’m totally addled by chocolate addiction.

Either way, I’m going to stick it out until midnight tonight. I’ve just conducted the toughest test of my personal willpower I’ve ever had in my life, and I don’t want anybody to accusing me of blowing it on some minor technicality.

And yes, I’m going to eat some (hopefully just “some”) chocolate at the stroke of midnight tonight. I’m not joking. :)

The next time I do an exercise in privation like this, I’ll be sure to do three things:

1) Make it a one-month trial
2) Pick February
3) Do something, anything, other than give up chocolate.

I’ll share my final conclusions and closing thoughts on this chocolate fast in a separate post which I hope to put up shortly.


Anonymous said...

have fun tonight! but wouldn't it be funny if not having any chocolate for (about) a month made you lose your affinity for it?

-dan pisacano

Anonymous said...

I don't think he would consider that funny at all.

I think that by now he is actually addicted to the addiction . . . addicted to the act or feeling of being addicted to chocolate. Just listen to him ramble.

His wife is probably ready to divorce him. During the commercials of the French Open he probably blabs on and on about his addiction and she's probably ready to shoot him because to her its no big deal.

Cuz? Am I right? ;-)

Daniel said...

I'm hanging my head here.... you ARE right.

But right now I'm trying to break the addiction to being addicted by satisfying my addiction--by eating chocolate. Follow that? :)


Daniel said...

And no, it would NOT be funny. Not at all.