The Shandy

In our continuing effort to make every single drink in the Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide, we bring you today possibly the easiest drink in the entire book: The Shandy.

I first learned of this drink while watching "The Remains of the Day" where the beautiful Emma Thompson has one in a pub ("....another shandy, Miss Kenton?").

Made of equal parts beer and ginger ale, it's the type of drink that, uh, any self-respecting man would of course never drink. Clearly I would never be caught drinking one of these in a million years.

However, as proof of the enormous sacrifices I willingly make in writing this blog, I will confess to taking a few furtive sips of Laura's.

But there are certain advantages to the Shandy worth considering.

First, you're drinking just 1/2 a beer at a time, so you can basically drink these all night and still drive home.

Second, there's absolutely no stress involved in getting this drink recipe just right--it doesn't matter whether you put the beer in first, or the ginger ale in first; either way it tastes the same. That's my kind of drink. Assuming I would drink something like this. Which I wouldn't.

Finally, this is the perfect beverage to serve to someone who claims they don't like beer. You've heard of gateway drugs? Consider this a gateway beverage. Down the road your poor, poor beer-disliking companion will graduate from shandies to true beer drinking.

The Shandy

Fill a glass half full with beer, then fill the rest of the glass with ginger ale.


Kevin said...

Geez, subjecting your wife to taking pictures yet again. This woman is really suffering for your art ;-)

Daniel Koontz said...

She may suffer a little, but after pouring down two shandies she feels a lot better. :)


Anonymous said...

Err .. we NEVER make shandy with ginger ale in the UK mate (sounds a bit disturbing in fact, although I'll give it a try sometime). Instead, we use lemonade with either lager or bitter. Lager with a dribble of lemonade is known as a 'lager-top'.

Daniel Koontz said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for reading.

What can I say? I'm just going by my Mr. Boston Bartender's Guide. Next time I'm in the UK I'll see for myself. And try not to get beat up. :)


Juice said...

Yes yes, it's lemonade. I loved these when studying in London.