What I'm Reading

I've been asked by a few readers what books I'm reading lately now that I'm not working and have quite a bit more time on my hands.

And so I've created a new blog, creatively named What I Just Read, to keep a record of the books I've read. I'll be reading a mix of fiction as well as nonfiction on a wide variety of subjects (including cooking and cookbooks of course!). You can get a feel for what I'll be reading by looking at the "Upcoming Titles" post. I'll write just a few brief paragraphs on what I think of each book.

I know I have a lot of extremely insightful and intelligent readers here at Casual Kitchen, and I'd be grateful for additional book recommendations as well as any reactions to the books I've read. As always, you can reach me privately at any time right here.

Stop by and take a look!


Bethany said...

not working, eh? congratulations?

Daniel said...

Yep, congratulations with an exclamation point. I'm taking a (hopefully long) break from the corporate world.

More details to come in a post coming up this weekend!