Casual Kitchen's Top Five of the Month: January 2009

This once-a-month post is for those readers who may not get a chance to read everything here at CK, but who still want to keep up with the best and most widely read articles. With one glance, you'll be able to see what your fellow readers have been focusing on over the past month.
Top Five of the Month for January 2009:

1) 41 Ways You Can Help the Environment From Your Kitchen

The Muffin Blogroll: 12 Great Muffin Recipes You'll Love to Bake

Six Cookbooks That Should Be the Foundation of Your Cookbook Collection

The Granola Blogroll: The Ultimate Authority on Great Granola Recipes

5) Pernil: Puerto Rican-Style Roast Pork Shoulder

From the Vault: Top Five Posts from One Year Ago:

1) Ten Strategies to Stop Mindless Eating

2) Quite Possibly the Easiest Lentil Soup Recipe You’ll Find Anywhere

Three Easy, Delicious and Inexpensive Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes

4) How to Handle Raw Chicken So That You'll NEVER Get Food Poisoning

5) Capitalize on Your Cooking Core Competencies

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Anonymous said...

hi, dan! Loved the Greek pasta dish! Tried your corn really came out too dry! I think more milk and butter would do it good! Diana

Daniel said...

Hi Diana! Thanks as always for reading and for your comments. The greek pasta dish is a real winner, I agree. A keeper. And so inexpensive!

As for the cornbread... you can definitely tweak the milk and butter for that recipe. But this is definitely somewhat of a dry-ish cornbread recipe, I'll grant you that.