CK Friday Links--July 31, 2009

I've changed the format for this week's links post to make it a faster and tighter read. As always, let me know what you think.

PS: Yep, you can still find me on Twitter.

Don't let "the fantasy of being thin" make you delay important life experiences. (We Are the Real Deal).

There's a mindless rabble of food blogs out there--and Kate doesn't like it. (Accidental Hedonist)

The authors of Almost Meatless hosted a virtual potluck this week. (Crumbs on My Keyboard, What I Weigh Today)

It's always a pleasure to read a talented blogger's reflections after one year of food blogging. (The Dogs Eat the Crumbs)

I'm a new fan of Kimberly Morales' blog... (Poor Girl Eats Well)

...but I was appalled by the petty and obnoxious comments on her recent profile in the SacBee. (Sacramento Bee)

Most of the recipes on this unpretentious blog are under $1 a serving. (Frugal Healthy Simple)

Yvonne shares thoughts on what to do when things just seem "off" for you in the kitchen. (Cream Puffs in Venice)

Four reasons why Claudia's pesto is better than yours. (cook eat FRET)

The food at Denny's is laced with astounding amounts of sodium, and they've been sued for failing to disclose that fact to diners. (CSPI via Food Politics)

Several interesting examples of psychological manipulation and how to dodge them. (Yes to Me)

Reclaim your time and regain your opinions by giving up TV. (Balanced Life Center)

Recipe Links:
10 "beyond-the-basic" burger recipes, including Peking, Pesto and Moroccan-style burgers. (Dana McCauley's Food Blog)

An easy and laughably cheap spicy chickpea recipe. (Grow. Cook. Eat.)

Your guests will do anything for this Spiced Plum Soup recipe. (5 Second Rule)

The strangest pie recipe you'll ever see: Cauliflower Pie. (Banging on Pots and Pans)

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Melissa said...

Whew! What a great roundup of links this week Dan. I just spend the last 45 minutes perusing and clicking. :) This is gonna be a rambler...

1. We Are the Real Deal - It's sad that women in particular need to be told this. Over and over. And I am not excluding myself here.

2. Accidental Hedonist post - While I agree with Kate, and with the author of the referenced article, Virginia, I had to laugh at Kate's continued ability to rile people up hahaha. I always loved her political/social commentary and food safety posts these last few years. Very informative.

3. The reflection on one year of food blogging... this post, along with many, many posts and comments I have read this week while hunting for new inspiration... well, they have all reinforced why I am no longer blogging. I figured out that I DO still love being a reader though. I'm just being very selective about where I actually leave a comment. ;)

4. Enjoyed the Poor Girl Eats Well and Frugal Healthy Simple blogs. I am trying to save mucho $$ on groceries for the next few months. I'm looking through your links for help!

5. So true what Yvonne wrote about feeling 'off' in the kitchen. I believe you bring your emotions into your food. I remember when I was about to bake my first loaf of bread, about a month ago, I was really irritated with Steve. And I remember thinking "I need to not be angry when I bake this bread."

6. I love Claudia. She's one of my most favorite people I ever met food blogging and she also became a good friend. Love to see her highlighted. Julia at Grow, Cook, Eat as well. Great finds.

7. "The average American spends 28 hours week watching television." Really? I cannot even imagine spending an average of 4 hours per day watching TV. And some people watch more. Wow. We spend less than an hour per night (late night Family Guy etc. on Adult Swim).

8. The burger variations are cool, but I don't agree about cooking all burgers well done. Medium rare all the way!

Melissa said...

Oh my god, that was the longest comment ever. Sorry!

Daniel said...

Melissa! I love the long comments and of course I read every single one of them. Thanks so much for your reactions to the articles.

A couple of reactions to your reactions.

I thought Kate at Accidental Hedonist was unduly harsh--most new food bloggers start out clueless about cooking and many blogs are dumb. Tell me something I don't know. Railing against it isn't going to help.

We actually got rid of cable when we returned from our travels this year, and we haven't watched a *second* of TV since July 1. Haven't missed it a bit.

Finally, let me say I miss your blog, but I definitely fully understand why you stopped.

Thanks so much for your thoughts!