CK Friday Links--Friday August 28, 2009

Here's yet another selection of particularly interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Seven foods that make you happier. (The Change Blog)

Interesting interview with a leading advocate for school lunch reform. (5 Second Rule)

Allegations that Wal-Mart is ripping off Thin Mints. Hell hath no fury like a Girl Scout scorned! (Authentic Organizations)

Yet another major media outlet gets tricked by a laughably spurious study into thinking healthy food costs more. (Time Magazine, following The New York Times)

Confused by all the different types of oats out there? Here’s a glossary to help you choose the best oatmeal for for your breakfast table. (Dana McCauley's Food Blog)

For all these years we've been duped about cinnamon! (Dana McCauley's Food Blog)

Pepsi just finished bungling the Tropicana brand redesign, now it's bungled Gatorade's redesign too. (Grant McCraken's Blog)

A brief history of chocolate, nectar of the gods. (Brave New Traveler)

What to do with accidentally frozen eggs. (Home Ec 101)

Recipe Links:
Pasta, from scratch. (Home Ec 101)

Killer Home Baked Beans in two easy steps. (stonesoup)

Burritos don't have to be the size of a football: Black Bean Burritette. (What I Weigh Today)

Capers and anchovies in a potato salad--why didn't I think of that? Red Bliss Potato Salad, Paesano Style. (We Heart Food)

Off-Topic Links:
Another book I highly, highly recommend to readers: David Kessler's The End of Overeating. A disturbing look at how foods are engineered for hyper-palatability, and how our brains are designed to crave them. (PS: if you are involved in media or blogging and are interested in possibly running a guest post of a review that I've written on this book, please contact me!)

How to decide whether to unsubscribe from a blog. (Early Retirement Extreme)

How to be a better blog citizen. (Frugal Bachelor)

Knowing why you’re screwed up is a big part of the journey--but using that awareness as an excuse to stay stuck is the worst form of victimhood. (White Hot Truth)

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The Diva on a Diet said...

Very interesting "off topic" links, Dan. I'm also curious about the happy foods. Neat!

Laura said...

I liked a lot of those links, but wanted to call attention to one thing in this:

I love your roundups. Ignore him, and don't stop :)

Daniel said...

Hi Diva, glad you enjoyed!

Hi Laura, thanks for your comment. I thought that post was insightful, and that's why I linked to it. I'm not endorsing everything on his blog, just that particular post.


Laura said...

Hey Daniel - definitely didn't take that as an assumption that you endorse everything on his blog! Just wanted to point out that even within that post, I disagreed, and hoped you wouldn't stop your Friday links :) Happy blogging!

Daniel said...

Ah, I get it!! Thanks, and don't worry, I'll continue with these for sure. The feedback from readers has been really positive.

Thanks as always for reading!


Marcia said...

Nice links. We have a local org. called s'Cool food:

where parents are trying to improve school lunches. Last year I went to a (free!) talk at a local school featuring Morgan Spurlock and Dr. Marion Nestle. It was awesome. My son just started preschool this week, so I packed my first lunch. His daycare provider often made homemade veg. soup for lunch (but there were a fair bit of cookies there too).

I read The End of Overeating. It was pretty fascinating. And scary.

Heather Solos said...

Thank you for linking to my site. You collected some very interesting links and I do enjoy a good round up.

Daniel said...

Hi Marcia, thanks for sharing the link. And yep, The End of Overeating was pretty scary in some ways for sure. Thanks for your comment.

Hi Heather, you are welcome, and thanks for the postive feedback!


Melissa said...

That White Hot Truth article. All I can say is YEEEESSSSS. And thank you for the link because now I'm all over her page. Love her posts, screaming in agreement at everything...

Daniel said...

Melissa, really glad you liked it. That's what these links are all about--I'm trying to spread good vibes about all the good blogs there are out there.