CK Friday Links--Friday September 25, 2009

Here's yet another selection of particularly interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Dana reports on the surprisingly humane conditions at a nearby foie gras farm--and an army of foie gras haters go bonkers in the comments. (Dana McCauley's Food Blog)

Is overstocking your pantry the same as being greedy? (Frugal for Life)

Have you heard of acrylamide? Some believe this chemical, formed during the cooking of starchy foods, to be a cancer risk. Here's why it's not. (Food Production Daily)

A Hooters Girl's perspective on objectification. Worth an open-minded read. (The Hooters Girl)

Are you a "foodiot?" (Grub Street NY, via @jules_stonesoup)

Recipe Links:
A visually stunning and surprisingly easy Tomato, Corn & Cheese Galette. (Alexandra's Kitchen)

An easy recipe for White Chili with Chicken that will leave you swimming in leftovers. (Banging on Pots and Pans)

A laughably cheap and easy Yellow Split Pea Soup. (Thirty Bucks a Week)

Corn on the Cob cooked to absolute perfection under steam pressure. (Exploring Food My Way)

Off-Topic Links:
Five sure-fire sources to help you think up killer headlines. (Copyblogger)

Ten tips for mastering the nude beach. (Brave New Traveler)

How to escape the curse of perfectionism. (Harvard Business Review)

Buying is not the's the problem. (mnmlist)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Although the comments did get a bit bonkers (okay a lot bonkers!), there were a lot of people who found my post educational and had good questions and positive things to say, too.

Daniel said...

Any time Dana, that was yet another exceptional (and educational!) post--exactly the kind I like to bring to my readers. You've really been on a roll. Thanks for stopping by.


Tino said...

Daniel -- Dana beat me to it! Thanks again for the link to the corn recipe on my blog. If it gets just one person to try it out, it was totally worth writing and posting about the method. The best part, of course, is the *eating*.


Kasie said...

Daniel, thanks for the continued support! I always get excited when I see that you've left a comment or that I've made the CK Friday Links. You're the best! :)

Daniel said...

You are welcome Kasie! That was an excellent--and easy!--recipe.


Karen said...

Hi Dan,
I saw this movie last night and I kept thinking that it would be good discussion fodder for CK readers.


Daniel said...

Thanks for sharing, Karen--it looks like a really interesting film!