CK Friday Links--Friday December 18, 2009

Here's yet another selection of particularly interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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A classic, hilarious, 1987-vintage video of Julia Child on David Letterman--back when Letterman was still funny. (Youtube, via Eater)

From Roman emperors to Richard Nixon to Ann Coulter, the long, messy history of throwing food at people. (Gawker)

Fact: 63% of consumers want to recognize every ingredient listed on a food label. (Dana McCauley's Food Blog) Now I wish I hadn't taken the time to learn what sodium hexametaphosphate was!

Enjoy the 12 days of Christmas cookies with a cookie recipe every day this month! (Lottie + Doof via Beach Eats) Two of my favorites: Mexican Chocolate Cookies (Day #8) and Toasted Coconut Sables (Day #9).

Recipe Links:
A delicious and easy Moroccan-Inspired Braised Chicken. (Sense & Serendipity)

How to make restaurant-quality Falafel and conquer your fear of hot-oil frying at the same time. (The Oyster Evangelist)

Simple instructions on how to make your own homemade Ricotta Cheese. (The Claytons Blog)

Off-Topic Links:
A useful guide to "greener" giftwrap. ( Bonus post: 6 Holiday Shopping No-Nos.

How to live cheaply for the long term, rather than making short term emergency belt-tightening moves. (WiseBread)

Can you live on half your monthly income? (The Simple Dollar) A side note: based on our experiences, this strategy solved nearly all of our money issues in just a few short years.

This 78-page guide to non-violent revolution was an important handbook behind the overthrow of dictatorships in Serbia, Georgia and the Ukraine. And it's available free on the internet. (From Dictatorship to Democracy at Google Books)

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