The Art of Being Minimalist

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If you take a look at Casual Kitchen's right sidebar, you'll see a new e-book that I'm now recommending to readers: The Art of Being Minimalist by Everett Bogue.

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A few words--sort of a mini-book review if you will--on why this e-book is worth your attention.

The reason most of us aren't able to follow our dreams or our passions is because we've been sidetracked. And one of the truisms of life is that over time, we accumulate baggage--both physical baggage (in the form of stuff) and psychological baggage (in the form of poor habits, or in the form of rigid attitudes about our jobs and our lifestyles, etc.). It's disturbingly easy to spend a lifetime in a pointless cycle of work-and-spend without recognizing how much time and energy it costs us.

This book shares Everett's own story of how he freed up his own life by embracing minimalism. He'll walk you through the insightful concept of 100 Things, how to eliminate your biggest expenses, and how to manage your time and workflow with the mindset of a minimalist.

This book provides you with brilliant ideas on how to take back control of your time and your life so you can better accomplish your true purpose.

I'm an enormous fan of minimalism, and I've learned over the past several years that the less stuff I have, the less space I take up and the fewer things I do, the more effective I am in the truly important areas of my life.

I've carefully read this book twice through now and I can't recommend it enough. If you are interested in simplifying your life and your schedule so you can free up energy, time and bandwidth for the really important things--consider buying The Art of Being Minimalist. There is substantial value in this book, and it sells for a quite reasonable US$17. (PS: There is a generous money-back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your purchase!)

Once again, keep in mind that Casual Kitchen has an affiliate relationship with the author, so you can help support my efforts while you empower your own!

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