CK Friday Links--Friday July 2, 2010

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Why Sandra Lee bothers me so much. (Accidental Hedonist)

Uh-oh: an obsession with healthy food is now considered a psychological disorder. (, via @healthsupreme)

Vegetarians are just big pussies. (Zachary Burt's Blog)

A hunter finds himself questioning some of the beliefs of his sport. (A Mindful Carnivore)

Recipe Links:
Healthy and intriguing! Salmon Poached in Blueberry Earl Grey Broth. (5 Star Foodie)

Laughably easy, and a great way to use up those blueberries and peaches: Blueberry & Peach Bread Pudding. (30 Bucks a Week)

The absolute BEST Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, ever. No, really. They are. (, via 80 Breakfasts)

Off-Topic Links:
A famous ad executive gives a hilarious speech telling us to stop spending so damn much money trying to solve big, important problems. (, via @crystalsilver)

Why a clunker is smarter and greener than a hybrid. (WiseBread)

For a self-help junkie, the pursuit of personal development becomes an escape. At best it's a form of procrastination, at worst it's a serious addiction. (Steve Pavlina's Blog)

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Tovar@AMindfulCarnivore said...

Hey, Daniel, many thanks for the link to my post on Ortega y Gasset!

Daniel said...

Tovar, you are more than welcome! Thanks for putting out an interesting article.


katie said...

Really liked zachery burt's post

Daniel said...

Katie, yep, that was a thought-provoking one. And what a title. Total clickbait. Thanks for the feedback.