CK Friday Links--Friday August 19, 2011

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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The most hilarious post on baking bread that has ever been written. Ever. (Cheap Healthy Good)

Obvious and insulting discrimination by the staff of Emeril Lagasse's show against the author of Daisy Cooks!--one of my all-time favorite Latin-American cookbooks. (Boriqua Blog)

One of my favorite food writers grapples with her anger at seeing Ronald McDonald at a food festival. Who am I to judge? (5 Second Rule)

Can I eat the calories I burned during exercise? (344 Pounds)

Recipe Links:
A stunning, four-ingredient Toblerone Ice Cream Cake, plus six other deadly desserts. (stonesoup)

Delicious, easy... and right in season: Roasted Tomato Soup. (Sprouted Kitchen)

A spectacular Grilled Chicken Satay recipe you can make in just 25 minutes. (Steamy Kitchen)

Off-Topic Links:
Most intellectual dishonesty is unintentional. Here's how to avoid it when disagreeing with someone. (Paul Graham)

How to be more lucky. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

When in doubt, say yes. Regret is painful. (Ben Casnocha)

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Kris said...

Thanks, Dan :)

Daniel said...

Absolutely any time Kris. I love your stuff. You write one of the best and most entertaining food blogs out there.