CK Friday Links--Friday September 23, 2011

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Whole Foods brainwashes you just as much as any other store--if not more. (Fast Company)

Using a "meal library" so that even with a hectic family life you can always rely on a rotation of easy, healthy and inexpensive meals. (The Simple Dollar) Related: See how CK applies the concept of "heavy rotation" to help you get faster at cooking.

The six most horrifying lies the food industry is feeding you. (Cracked, via Addicted to Canning)

How to reduce your carbon footprint when canning food at home. (Living the Frugal Life) Bonus Post: Peeing in Your Garden.

Recipe Links:
Delicious, savory and laughably easy: Cabbage and Carrot Curry. (Healthy Home Recipes)

Absolutely striking: Pesto-Stuffed Eight Ball Zucchini. (Eating Appalachia)

A delicious Green Posole recipe that isn't just healthy and cheap--it also helps you forget bad dates! (Eats Well With Others)

Off-Topic Links:
Unsolicited book recommendation of the week: Lateral Thinking by Edward De Bono. I'm always grateful to any author who helps me learn new ways of thinking. Not an easy read, but an excellent book with provocative ideas on how to think more flexibly and creatively.

Is the US empire dying, or already dead? Read critically. (The Vandal)

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Daniel said...

Just a quick update for readers: I suspect that the Aleph Blog may have a virus, so I have deleted that link just to be safe (it was the last link in today's post).

I'm not 100% certain that was the source, but deleted the link anyway to protect my readers--just in case. Hopefully nobody had a problem.