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This Week in History at Casual Kitchen:

Ten Thoughts On the True Value of Brands (October 2010)
Don't just trust that branded products are superior--verify. These ten rules will help you avoid being needlessly separated from your money.

The Pros and Cons of Restaurant Calorie Labeling Laws (October 2009)
At first glance, calorie labeling laws seem to strike a reasonable balance between protecting consumers and burdening restaurant owners. Alas, things are not always as they seem.

50 Delicious Recipes Containing Apples (October 2008)
Right now is the absolute heart of apple season, and with this post you can take maximum advantage of one of the earth's very best fruits.

Black Beans and Rice: Laughably Cheap Comfort Food (October 2008)
It takes just 20-25 minutes and barely 70c a serving to put this delicious meal on your table. This recipe is so easy and so good that we typically make it twice a month. PS: Don't miss this bonus post about our amusing MSG-related experience with the original version of this recipe.

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