Egg on Tata

This is a frequent breakfast I make for myself and Laura. It's cheap, it's healthy, it's hilariously easy, and it provides our bodies with hours of healthy energy.

I often write about thinking about your meals and your diet as tools. I want my readers to make their food work for them, so that what you eat helps you accomplish your goals.

In our case, this is the kind of breakfast I'll eat after a hard morning run, or on the morning after a day of heavy physical activity. It combines carbs, protein and fat in just the right amounts, and it's a good example of why big breakfasts are phenomenal tools for managing your weight and your food intake.

Furthermore, when I eat a high-satiety-factor breakfast like this, I'll be a lot less likely to succumb to hunger pangs later in the day--and eat something I might regret.

Finally, I'd be lax if I didn't use this breakfast an yet another example that contradicts the ludicrous but commonly held view that healthy food has to be expensive. This ginormous plate of food, which was enough to feed two, can be made in its entirety for less than a dollar.
Egg On Tata

2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 uncooked potato, unpeeled and thinly sliced
1, 2 or 3 eggs
Spices of your choosing

1) Place potato slices onto the olive oil in a large non-stick skillet. Add some seasonings, then cover and fry at medium high heat for 5-7 minutes, until potatoes are becoming tender and starting to brown nicely on one side.

2) Flip over potatoes, and then crack your eggs over the top of them. Add some more seasonings on top of the eggs. Cover again, and cook another 4-6 minutes, until eggs are done to your liking.
A few recipe notes:
1) I strongly recommend not peeling the potato. Not only will you save yourself 3-4 minutes of prep time, you'll also add to the nutritional completeness of this meal.

2) Spices: normally we use cayenne pepper as our primary spice, with an occasional splash of Tabasco. But feel free to experiment here by trying other spices: garlic powder, sage, black pepper, etc., or even fresh herbs like parsley or basil if you have them handy.

3) This post is gratefully dedicated to my father, Clayton Koontz, who continues to teach me how to cook easy, nutritious and delicious breakfasts for hilariously little money. My father is still making the most out of the fact that he grew up in the Depression--and I'm all the luckier for it.

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Diane said...

"Tata" means "aunt" in French - as a diminutive. I, for example, am "Tata Diane" to my niece. Eggs on Tata? No thanks!

Daniel said...

Diane, maybe I should clarify the pronunciation -- perhaps that might change the association for you: it's pronounced "tay-tah" not "tah-tah." :)


Joanne said...

I love watching you prove once and again that healthy food doesn't have to be expensive OR time-consuming! I'm eating eggs for dinner right now. Good stuff.

Sally said...

I've done potatoes and eggs many ways, but not this way...yet. I think this dish is going to be made very soon.

Sally said...

Oh, and I agree with Joanne.

Anonymous said...

Add even more nutrition with addition of baby spinach. You could wilt the spinach, remove it from the pan, then proceed. Add the wilted spinach back to the pan before the eggs.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the feedback Joanne and Sally!

And Anonymous, that is a great suggestion, thank you for sharing.


Matt @ SpoonMatters said...

Oh man, that sounds good. I'm bookmarking that for breakfast this weekend. I love the idea of adding spinach to get some greens on the plate.

And as Joanne said, thanks for continuing to highlight super cheap healthy meals! I cringed this week when a close friend went on a junk food binge (comfort food cause her arm was in a sling and she couldn't cook much) and kept talking about how her bill was 1/3 of what she usually spends trying to eat healthy. I wonder if she would try this recipe once her arm is better and she can chop a potato.

chacha1 said...

I think this looks like an awesome quick dinner, too. With spinach. And maybe a little cheese (I'm all about the cheese).

Brittany said...

Eww... gooey eggs... and Tabasco sauce... add in some black pepper, you you'd manage to hit the only three things I hate to eat, all in one dish. Efficient. =D

Denny A. said...

It's nice to see easy, and well balanced meals that don't need two pages of ingredients and 1 hour to make. It has all the basics (carbs and protein). Nice work I'm away for work 50 hours and just don't have the time or energy to cook all day night. I like your simple style, keep up the good work.