CK Friday Links--Friday February 3, 2012

After a bit of a hiatus while I was in Santiago, Chile, I'm returning to running my regular Friday Links posts. Thanks to readers for your patience while I was working on improving my Spanish!

As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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We now eat twice as much meat as we did in the 50s. Be a weekday vegetarian. (TED Talks)

Saving food from your fridge--and reducing your energy bill in the process. (Treehugger, via Steve Tallant)

Wait, what kind of milk should I drink? (Eating Rules) Related: What exactly does it mean to "homogenize" milk?

How to be slim. (Mr. Money Mustache)

Recipe Links:
A simple, traditional Spanish pastry: Buñuelos de Viento. (A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa)

Must... Make...! BBQ Hummus. (Very Culinary) Related: Casual Kitchen's own Hummus Blogroll.

An Indian home remedy: Turmeric Milk. (Journey Kitchen)

Off-Topic Links:
Getting your kids to turn off lights. (Owlhaven)

I have this problem too: Coping with feelings of intellectual inadequacy. (Ben Casnocha)

What would you do if your fiance rejected the ring you bought her? (The Last Psychiatrist)

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Melissa said...

I really want to eat more vegetarian. It's hard to convince the other person in my household, though. Still. Working on it. Continually working on it.

Normally, I'm down with The Last Psychiatrist but I think that post was ultra venomous... I could be reading into it because I am feeling horribly rage-y this afternoon. In any case, I personally think any woman who rejects an engagement ring should be slapped, though I take the point that the man should be slapped just as much for being so incredibly oblivious to the kind of person he's with.

And when it comes right down to it, I'm also probably a little bit snotty about how much that stuff doesn't matter to me - i.e., I had no engagement ring at all and I never minded. *Sniff*

Um, welcome back! ;P ♥♥

Daniel said...

I actually agree with you on The Last Psychiatrist and his tone. But the message of that post was a good one, and I thought it was worth putting up with some tone to get at it. But yeah, he could have written it more invitingly.

Thanks as always for your thoughts Melissa!!