CK Friday Links--Friday July 27, 2012

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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My husband lost more than 100 pounds. It was a lot to take in such a short period of time. (344 Pounds) Bonus post: By far the easiest technique to control portion size when eating out.

Proof of the USA's total dependence on corn. (Business Insider)

Grads: summer's almost over! Tips for furnishing a dorm room on a budget. (Being Frugal)

Just because a person eats out a lot doesn’t make them an expert on how to run a successful restaurant. (Food Woolf)

Recipe Links:
Wow. Just wow. Grilled Shrimp with Chile, Cilantro and Lime. (Dragon's Kitchen)

Laughably cheap, delicious and easy: One Pot Chicken, Corn Peppers and Onions. (Alosha's Kitchen)

What to do with that have an overabundance of zucchini? Make gluten-free Zuccaghetti with Lemon Caper Sauce. (Food and Fire)

Off-Topic Links:
The most revolutionary thing you can do for women right now is to stop celebrating women who choose to work 120 hours a week when they have a new baby. (Penelope Trunk)

Are you game for the 500 Words A Day Challenge? (Procrastinating Writers) Bonus Post: 10 ways to stimulate your creativity.

The post-masculine guide to wealth. (PostMasculine)

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chacha1 said...

re: Food Woolf: aw man, you mean I don't become a restaurant expert by watching Restaurant Impossible and Kitchen Nightmares?! Damn it! :-)

I've gotta say, my "complaints" with restaurants (which typically do not manifest as complaints but as simply not going back) are generally confined to two things:

1) too loud.
2) bad service.

I'll eat my way through the menu on a restaurant with a nice atmosphere and attentive (but not intrusive) service. But - as an introvert - a place that makes me feel assaulted, or that does not sufficiently train its staff on how to create a pleasant dining experience, will not get my business again.

Marcia said...

The Marissa Mayer thing is pretty interesting. One one hand, I couldn't believe she thinks she's going to have a 3-week "working maternity" leave. Who is she kidding. Does she know what it is like to recover from childbirth?

This whole thing came out right after I had my second baby.

OTOH, now my son is almost 3 weeks old. I could totally go back to work part time on Monday if I weren't exclusively breastfeeding. For me, that's the biggest part about mat leave - building a good nursing relationship before introducing the bottle. That doesn't happen in 3 weeks for most people. But if she does formula, that won't be an issue.

Brittany said...

"Women are driven to take care of children" [and thus any woman who values a high-power career isn't worth talking about]... and yet it's all the media besides that blogger who are stuck in a previous century?

I wish we could just stop judging any choices women make while balancing family and work and let them just make those choices with their partners and families. The only reason it matters to discuss cases like this publicly is so other women can see a myriad of models for blending work and family life, so they have options for making their own decisions. None of that requires being judgy about someone's choices.

In that spirit, the NYTimes had a great article on this topic, on how professional women often have a lot of flexibility for "working maternity leaves" that other working women don't have.

Brittany said...

Argh, meant to include the link. Now I will probably get caught by the spam filters....

Daniel said...

I thought the Penelope Trunk/Marissa Mayer article was fascinating. So many ways to look at that issue. Is she a metaphor for a woman having it all? Would you want to be her kid? And so on.

Regarding the article at Food Woolf, I just think Brooke's articles are brilliant. She has a real gift for gently calling out know-it-all diners.


Brittany said...

Returning to this discussion to say:


I haven't even made the shrimp yet (mixed up the marinade in anticipation for my dinner partner's text that he's on his way home, as that's the perfect amount of time for marinading), and I have to refrain from eating all of the marinade before I put the shrimp in. I've already eaten some on a salad (going to boil down the extra and use it for dressing tonight) and dipped my fried feta experiments in it.

SO GOOD. This is the best marinade I've ever made. You have changed my marinade making forever.

That is all.

Daniel said...

Brittany, that is pure awesomeness. Really happy you enjoyed it, and thanks for letting me know!!