CK Friday Links--Friday October 12, 2012

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Why are family meals important to you? (Dad Cooks Dinner)

Few want to see you succeed in losing weight. (344 Pounds)

Raising kids to appreciate unprocessed food in a heavily processed society. (Eating Rules via Food For My Family)

Recipe Links:
A roundup of great Pumpkin recipes. (Budget Bytes)

Celebrate "Crocktober" with these fourteen Crockpot Recipes, all with five ingredients or fewer! (Recipe4Living)

Off-Topic Links:
Book recommendation of the week: The Presidents Club: Inside the World's Most Exclusive Fraternity by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy. An exceptional book about the unusual and downright surprising partnerships among former and current presidents. This was one of the best books of political history I've read in ten years. And hey, if Nixon and Clinton can work together, maybe we can bridge the political divide in this country.

Why your to-do list is killing you. (Encouragement From a Stranger)

Do something totally socially unacceptable when your relationship ends: Throw a great breakup party together. (Exile Lifestyle)

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chacha1 said...

Excellent links. I love the idea of a breakup party. I hope I never need to apply it, of course!

Also like the Death to To-Do Lists piece. Have to confess I live a very orderly life due to a running list which I keep in my Notebook of Doom (calendar, budget, and to-do list all live in here, among other less-essential detritus).

But my to-do list has definitely evolved, over the past 2-3 years of uncluttering my life, to the point that it now reflects mostly "things I don't want to forget about doing" rather than "things I have to do today or tomorrow or this weekend."

Anonymous said...

I just told my co-worker, who has been planning a weddings for a bunch of twenty-somethings, about the break-up party. She LOVES the idea.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the feedback! And yes, I thought the idea of a break up party was awesome too.... but just like Chacha said, not that I actually want to have one. :)


Sally said...

I was surprised by the high (for me, at least) use of processed foods in the crock pot recipes.

I'm a list maker. However, my lists tend to be more so I don't forget something rather than steps for me to accomplish something. They're reminders.

For me It's similar to the reason I use a grocery list or I often use recipes. It's not because I don't know how what I need or how to cook, but because I'm very likely to omit something vital if I don't have the recipe nearby.