CK Friday Links--Friday December 14, 2012

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Dos and Don'ts of keeping leftovers safe. (Stonesoup)

As the holidays roll around, don't forget to check out the hater's guide to the Williams Sonoma catalog. (Deadspin) PS: Um, what's "rimming sugar"?

What's it like reviewing a cookbook that calls for ingredients like 1 lavender petal from last summer? (Table Matters)

Why you should always buy the worst of everything. (Thoughtcrime, via Erica Douglass)

Recipe Links:
Five stars for this spectacularly good Highlands Chicken recipe. (Food and Fire) Bonus: Try this secret ingredient: Tomato Powder!

White Beans, Three Ways. Time to kick the can. (Table Matters)

Off-Topic Links:
Boredom has its benefits. (Retirement: A Full-Time Job)

Advertising's contempt for white males. (Whiskey's Place)

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chacha1 said...

The hater's guide to the WS catalog was hilarious. But I must confess: I had to get me some of those root-scrubbing gloves!

I got them at Amazon, of course, because I know better than to walk through the doors at WS. But being a person who does not, as a rule, peel - and being quite tired of scrubbing my roots & tubers with a brush - the gloves were a slam-dunk.

Brittany said...

I had the same thought, chacha1! I haven't bought them yet, but veggie scrubbing gloves sounded awesome (especially among the boatloads of crap).

Also, I would say that The Worst article was the best article I've read in awhile, but I am not sure how the author would take that. ;)

Colleen said...

Didn't have time to read everything this a.m. but got to the WS catalogue review! That was a hoot (as they say here in the south) and the comments are hysterical! I will have to go back and read more after I finish my work day selling stuff nobody actually needs (fur covered hot water bottles).

Anonymous said...

One should always use rimming sugar when handling Hungarian sacks. It's just plain, old common sense...

Sally said...

I enjoyed both the W-S and "Worst" articles, but I loved the bean recipes. I just love beans!