CK Friday Links--Friday February 1, 2013

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Save time and money: discover the cure to "Refrigerator Blindness." (Stonesoup)

Pay attention to these food-plating tips... and you might get lucky. (Beyond Salmon)

I give God 10%... why should you get 18? (Crumbs From the Communion Table, via Erika Shirk) Note the pastor's response here, which breaks landspeed records for narcissism.

Recipe Links:
Save yourself from the nutritional horrors of takeout Chinese with this amazing, authentic Kung Pao Chicken. (Food and Fire)

An incredible Slow Cooker Texas Red Chili recipe by the author of the excellent guide Rotisserie Grilling. (Dad Cooks Dinner)

Off-Topic Links:
"Wow, a woman who defends her husband. I did not know such women existed." (BBSezMore)

Will your college go out of business before you graduate? (Blog Maverick)

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Kira said...

I'm so thankful that pastor makes those of us who serve God and God's Church look so good. What a jerk.

Daniel said...

I hear you Kira. There's actually a post on the Smoking Gun about this issue too [here: ], and it's fascinating to see the pastor's choice of language in her response to this:

- a "lapse in my character and judgment"

- a “lapse in judgment that has been blown out of proportion"

Man, this is stuff right out of The Last Psychiatrist's blog. In other words she's saying: this wasn't really the real me here, it was just a temporary lapse. I'm not really like that, you see.

I wouldn't say this is the behavior of someone willing to own their mistakes.


Joanne said...

I definitely enjoyed the post about the woman defending her husband...especially because I definitely complained about "men" in general in the past, and also definitely found a good one. But it did take a while...

chacha1 said...

in defense of men ...

why, after all the press and all the books and all the history and all the everything, would anybody still expect men and women to be the same?

I like men and women equally. But the average XY does not think or operate in the same way as the average XX. Neither is necessarily "better" or "right." Both can be jerks. Both can be (and often are )immature, ignorant, self-involved, and generally annoying. In general, I find it easier to cope with the annoyingness of men than the annoyingness of women, because (as a woman) I can't help thinking women should know better.

Women run into trouble when they expect men to be women with penises.

Vive la difference, says I.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the comments on the BBSezMore post. I thought it was intriguing for a couple of reasons.

First an obvious takeaway: complaining is self-perpetuating, it influences your reality, and it's highly contagious. It's also not hot.

Less obvious: Quite often people fail to see the central irony of statements like "I end up with jerks" or "my husband/wife is immature." If your spouse is [insert trait], what might this say about you? You picked him or her.

And then it's interesting to see (in point 4) the girlfriend's conversational technique of plausible deniability ("I know, I know, I'm just kidding"). You can say something, and then *kind of* retract it, but you don't have to really reconsider your perspective or admit you're wrong. Again, not exactly a preferred intellectual trait for a spouse.


chacha1 said...

As to the non-tipping soi-disant pastor:

I couldn't possibly say it better than our friend TBW.

I worked at Pizza Hut in college, as a server. Because it is a "sit-down" restaurant (or was in that place and time), most of our customers assumed that we were paid minimum wage. But nooooo.

This was a million years ago so I think the server wage was something dire like $1.35/hr.

After church on Sundays, big parties would come in and pray, and order giant pitchers of soda, and abuse the all-you-can-eat salad bar, and ask for extra napkins and drop their silverware and and and. And leave pocket change for a tip.

At least at Dairy Queen we got minimum wage and free ice cream.

Bb said...

A long overdue thank you for the kind link. I'm going to love exploring your blog in more depth. (My stomach is already growling in anticipation.)

Daniel said...

Bb: you're welcome! I thought you wrote an excellent post.