CK Friday Links--Friday February 15, 2013

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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Coke wants to "standardize" orange juice. (BusinessWeek) See also: Never From Concentrate? Never Again!

Why do health articles always get it wrong? (TheKitchn, via Chocolate and Zucchini)

I refuse to buy Girl Scout cookies. (Eating Rules)

Six useful tips for portion control. (Absolut(ly) Fit)

Recipe Links:
Intriguing and unusual: Sriracha Spiked Roasted Cauliflower, Carrot and Baby Pea Soup. (A Life of Spice)

Homemade Vanilla in three ridiculously easy steps. (Eye Halley)

Off-Topic Links:
Unsolicited book recommendation of the week: Codependent No More by Melody Beattie. Even if you're not codependent in the clinical sense, you'll get value out of this book. It helped me discover and root out some negative communication and behavior patterns that I hadn't noticed in myself before. Highly recommended.

These fifteen truths of professional dancing will apply to you, whatever your chosen profession. (Ballet Pages)

Twenty paradoxes that are true. (Post-Masculine)

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Stuart Carter said...

the linked coca-cola article has one of my pet peeves. It has a related article that hits one of my pet peeves - "Pitaya: The Selling of a Superfruit"

Look, there is no such thing as a "superfood". *All* fresh, natural produce is crammed full of vitamins, minerals, and other such good stuff. If you consider macaroni and cheese to be a vegetable, you have deeper issues that no single item of a so-called "superfood" (sheesh) will resolve.

... OK, rant over ;)

Daniel said...

You mean standardized OJ *isn't* a pet peeve of yours? :)

No, I hear you Stuart: when the prefix "super-" is used in front of a food product, hold on to your wallet.


Sally said...

I agree with chacha1's comments on your article about orange juice -- right down to the part about mixed drinks. :-)

Laura said...

Thanks for the mention, Dan! I always get excited when one of my posts makes your list :)

Daniel said...

Any time Laura. You had some great insights in that post.