Finding a Substitute for Google Reader

This is just a quick off-topic post for those readers who read Casual Kitchen via any RSS feedreader (if you don't know what that is, you don't need to read this post).

If you're looking for a substitute feedreader service now that Google Reader is closing down, I just wanted to pass along to readers that I feel safe recommending The Old Reader as an excellent RSS feedreader alternative.

I've been using The Old Reader for almost two months now. It functions pretty much the same at Google Reader, with similar features and a similar look and feel. I've been using both feedreaders side by side for the past two months while I've gradually transitioned over to The Old Reader, and the change has been relatively easy. And if you knew how resistant to change I am, that's really saying something.

Also, The Old Reader lets you log in using your Google ID, so you don't even have to memorize a new password. It's also straightforward to port over all your feeds: once you've logged in to The Old Reader, just click on the "import" link in the upper right corner and follow the directions. The process was quick and painless, even though I track more than 700 (!) separate feeds. I can't imagine there are too many people following that many RSS feeds, so if was painless for me, I'm guessing it should be the same for you too.

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Readers! If you use Google Reader, what platform will you migrate to?

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Joanne said...

I haven't heard of The Old Reader! But I did test out both Bloglovin and Feedly and am sticking with Feedly!

Tragic Sandwich said...

I've seen The Old Reader pop up in my blog dashboard a few times, but haven't tried it. I'm doing okay with Feedly, although I like the app better than the online version. And while I've claimed my blog on Bloglovin, I haven't really used it.

I was using Flipboard, and like it for finding different content, but decided I wasn't crazy about it as an RSS reader.

Laura said...

I tried The Old Reader right when the announcement was first made, and at that time they didn't have the capacity to cover all the people trying to sign up. I ended up starting to use Feedly instead and will probably just stick with that (though I haven't used it too much yet). Did you try that in addition to The Old Reader? Curious what your take was, if so.

Danielle said...

I'm loving Feedly (even better than Reader *gasp*).

Haven't tried The Old Reader, though.

Anonymous said...

I've been using Netvibes since Bloglines went down several years ago. It has two views: widget and feed. The feed view is pretty much exactly like Bloglines, which is what I wanted. The widget view was actually very helpful in my job search a few years ago: you can customize it with various applications that your smartphones are probably already doing for you, but I don't have one of those and I like being able to make different dashboards for different ongoing projects.

Owlhaven said...

I'm switching to feedly.

looloolooweez said...

Dear Google Reader:

I've someone else. His name is Feedly, and he does what you used to do for me, but sort of better. And he's much nicer looking, too.

I heard that you were going to leave me, anyway. You want to concentrate on your social stuff, I know. We used to have fun together, but I guess it is time to say good-bye.

Fondly, but with no regret,