CK Friday Links--Friday June 14, 2013

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Why one calorie for her is half a calorie for him. (The Healthy Home Economist)

Don't take your (mega) vitamins. (New York Times)

Would you ever refuse to date someone based on their financial situation? (Save. Spend. Splurge.)

How I avoid internet/online drama. (Oil and Garlic)

Mere intelligence is no guarantee of anything. (Alpha Game)

Here's the easiest and best way to make sure a new habit sticks. (Zen Habits)

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chacha1 said...

Alpha Game: I don't like the whole alpha/gamma thing - I think it's a very lazy shorthand, which is inconsistent with the message of at least this post. But the point of the post is good. :-)

Oil and Garlic: within my network of Facebook "friends" are several acquaintances who are strongly Christian-ideological, in the sense of anti-choice, pro-restricted women's rights, "traditional" gender roles, racially not so tolerant, and politically conservative. Needless to say, the things they post are often things it is best for me not to comment on at all. On the rare occasions when one of them comments on something progressive that I've posted, I don't reply to the comment. I am not on FB to get into fights, especially with people I have to deal with IRL.

I will have *discussions* with people on various other fora. But I try never to take things personally, because these people don't actually know me.

Finally, screening for finances: you can bet I would do this now. I wasn't smart enough to do it in my 20s!

Daniel said...

Interesting to hear you take on the alpha/beta/gamma framework. I'm not sure what to make of it to be honest. I don't think I'd go so far as to call it lazy shorthand--I'd say in some cases it's a useful taxonomy for different types of people.

Either way though, I included that post on IQ because I thought it was one of the best things I've read all month.

The screening for finances article was also, uh, a decade or two late and a dollar short for me too. ;) I got lucky though and happened to find a reasonably financially responsible significant other.


Ronda said...

Oh, my goodness! "Christian-ideological" translates to "racially not so tolerant" for some people? I'm certainly hoping not for most! :o Yikes. Talk about a paradox.

Alpha Game was probably the MOST amazing thing I've read for awhile. It was a little horrifying, because I related to it far more than I wanted to. I kept seeing myself, and honestly, thinking what a blessing that I was born a woman and married reasonably young. I have a feeling I would be a real loser if I had been expected to be the breadwinner of the family. :( I thought there were some really good points in that--things that I wish I had known and embraced a good many years ago.

chacha1 said...

alpha/beta/gamma ... from my observation - which is limited, because I don't read guy blogs very often - the self-identifying "alpha" male (or aspirational alpha male) self-identifies in that way as a way of communicating "I am more of a man than [this other kind of guy]."

oilandgarlic said...

Thanks for linking to my post