The Risotto Blogroll: 20 of the Internet's Best, Easiest and Most Delicious Risotto Recipes

This is a collection of the most interesting and very best risotto recipes I've been able to find on the internet. You'll be able to find a favorite risotto recipe here for every taste, palate and budget.

What is risotto? It's a rich, delicious, and surprisingly easy-to-make rice dish, usually made with a starch-heavy rice variety like Arborio rice. A typical risotto recipe includes parmesan cheese, wine and a basic broth, which you ladle onto the rice gradually, rather than all at once.

Of course, not all risottos have to be typical: you'll see exactly what I mean as you scroll through the wide range of unusual risotto variations below. And the best thing about risotto is how it impresses your guests: it seems fancy and difficult to prepare, but in reality it's really easy. Trust me: add two or three different risotto recipes to your repertoire and your cooking will never look back.

Finally, building this collection of risotto recipes has truly been a labor of love for me--I've literally been working on this post for almost three years. Enjoy!

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1) Indian Spiced Risotto from Veni Vidi Coxi
Let's start off with an unusual and highly original fusion of risotto with delicious Indian flavors.

2) Bargain Basement Lobster Risotto at REC(ession)IPES
I never would imagine the words "bargain basement," "lobster" and "risotto" appearing together in a recipe, but they belong together in this delicious, luxurious, and surprisingly affordable recipe.

3) Butternut Squash Risotto from Cheap Healthy Good
Kris calls this recipe "transcendence in a bowl"...and that's exactly what it is. Less than 400 calories per serving.

4) Fresh Fava Bean Risotto with Pancetta at A Mingling of Tastes
An all-star ingredient combination of pancetta, fava beans, mushrooms and lemon zest.

5) Green Risotto Primavera at Bitter Sweet Blog
A delicious vegan (vegan!) risotto that's absolutely full of seasonal fresh ingredients.

6) Risotto alla Margherita at Creampuffs in Venice
Yvonne takes the traditional elements of Pizza Margherita--tomato, mozzarella and basil--and creates a delicious non-traditional risotto.

7) Apple Risotto from Best Apples
An intriguing mix of savory and sweet flavors. This recipe calls for golden delicious apples, but feel free to substitute any type of apple.

8) Leek, Mushroom, and Pea Shoot Risotto from The Essential Rhubarb Pie
An easy and flexible risotto recipe. Don't forget to use "copious" amounts of parmesan cheese.

9) Asparagus and Herb Risotto from the Guardian UK
A classic, timeless risotto variation, rendered perfectly in this budget-friendly recipe.

10) Zucchini Risotto at Andrea Meyers' Blog
You can always count on Andrea for reliable recipes, and this unusual risotto creation will help you use up all those extra garden zucchinis this summer!

11) Green Bean Risotto at Coconut and Lime
A delicious, basic risotto with a splash of greenery.

12) Pistachio and Gorgonzola Risotto at Closet Cooking
An striking and creative mix of ingredients and flavors.

13) Chicken Marsala Risotto at Alosha's Kitchen
No, Melissa, this highly original recipe isn't sacrilege: it's delicious.

14) Tomato Risotto with Cumin and Fennel at Beyond the Peel
Risotto with an added twist of toasted cumin and fennel seeds. Bonus: free tips on having a great date night in the kitchen.

15) Pressure Cooker Risotto with Goat Cheese at Dad Cooks Dinner
Pressed for time? This recipe teaches you how to make an excellent risotto in your pressure cooker in just six to eight minutes.

16) Risotto Tricolore at Creampuffs in Venice
This visually striking three-color risotto is easier to cook than you think. Truly brilliant.

17) Roasted Garlic, Fontina and Chicken Risotto at Oui, Chef
Roasted garlic adds an amazing nuance to this intriguing risotto variation.

18) Artichoke Freekeh Risotto at David Liebovitz's blog
"Freekeh" is fire-roasted green (unripe) wheat, so this is technically not a risotto recipe. But so what? Get your "freek" on with this interesting risotto-style variation.

19) Triple the Greens Risotto at the Independent
From the author of the Get In My Gob blog, this risotto--which includes peas, rocket leaves and spinach stock--will put extra greens into your belly.

20) Hoppin' John Risotto at The Kitchn
A delicious, unusual fusion of southern USA and Italian cuisines. Don't forget the all-important dollop of Collard Pesto!

Readers! Do you have a favorite risotto recipe, either on your own blog or elsewhere? Share it here in the comments with all the other readers here at CK!

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April said...

I haven't made this in forever but my veggie packed beer cheese risotto is a favorite of mine!

Brittany said...

This blew my mind, in concept, texture and deliciousness:

Potato risotto! I don't even.