CK Friday Links--Friday August 16, 2013

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Our taste buds are spectacular acrobats. Reclaim them. (Attune Foods)

Don't let your kids get fat. (Grerp)

Born into consumer culture with no "immune system." (Early Retirement Extreme)

Be aware: there are lots of scary websites out there. And they're not looking out for your interests. (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Wait. Bono... Bono?... changes his mind and now believes the secret to eliminating poverty in Africa is entrepreneurial capitalism. (The Beacon)

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chacha1 said...

Re: Bono:

I happen to agree that entrepreneurial capitalism is the best way to achieve economic stability in poor countries. Unfortunately, it is only *possible* in countries where there is a functioning government. This doesn't seem to describe much of Africa.

Also, facilitating the growth of capitalism (via microlending e.g.) is only one point of a polygon that must also include addressing infectious disease, supporting legal rights for women (including family planning), removing religion from the structure of civil government, and preventing gangs, militias, "rebels" and "insurgents," and other violent actors from simply taking everything away from peaceable people.

Daniel said...

Agreed Chacha. I think, though, that we'll see some of the same trends in Africa that we saw in Central America in the past decades. Costa Rica "got it" first: they've had a stable government and friendly investment environment for decades now, and their economy and statistics demonstrate the results. It was only a matter of time before neighbors like Nicaragua saw and started to copy them. Now standards of living are rising all across the area. I think the same trend is happening in Africa. For every Zimbabwe there's a South Africa or Botswana that "gets it" too.


Colleen said...

We cut out the processed foods a few years back for a couple of reasons...My husbands cholesterol was getting out of control along with his weight and I needed to save money on groceries. Don't miss it at all! Just about everything is cooked from scratch all the way down to hamburger takes a bit longer but we know everything we are eating, the cholesterol is coming under control, he is loosing the weight and we spend a heck of a lot less on food. I think the best part is though the feeling of success I have when we sit down to a meal we made really is fun!

Daniel said...

Thanks for your thoughts Colleen. If you're curious, the author of that post on "reclaiming your taste buds" does a program each year called "A Month Unprocessed"--it's in October--where he encourages readers to eliminate all processed foods for a full month. Here's the introductory post to last year's program.

I even wrote a contributor's post for it a few years back on applying the 80/20 Rule to unprocessed foods. Have a look and see what you think!