CK Friday Links--Friday September 6, 2013

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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Easy, homemade Pickled Jalapenos/Chiles en Vinagre. (Mexico In My Kitchen)

Nostalgia is BS... and the "good old days" never actually happened. (Ombailamos)

Should you bother to post a negative book review? (Jessica Bell, via Elizabeth Craig) This author doesn't, but I do--especially if there's something important to learn from the key weaknesses in the book. My harsh review of Tim Ferriss's The 4-Hour Chef was an example.

Ten recommended books on relationships. (Love My Life Right Now) Sidenote: Laura and I got quite a lot of value out of both Love and Respect and The 5 Love Languages.

Google Glass is a new frontier in human rudeness, inattention, and danger. (CNET)

Use the 2 Minute Rule to stop procrastinating and build new healthy habits. (Buffer, via 50by25)

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chacha1 said...

thanks for the link!

re: negative reviews: I generally don't bother unless it is a book I really like overall in which just one thing troubles me. I'm about to call an author out on that b/c she keeps doing the same thing and I can't help wondering if it's intentional or if she just doesn't realize she's doing it.

Of course if she doesn't read the reviews this will be a wasted effort, but the same thing might trouble other readers, so ... .

Daniel said...

Any time Chacha. I liked that post and I think you're absolutely right.

And I hadn't thought about the fact that if you write a negative review and warn readers *away* from a bad book, you're doing somewhat of a service to humanity, aren't you?