CK Friday Links--Friday December 13, 2013

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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The only study linking GMOs to cancer… gets retracted. (Takepart)

What is flexible dieting? (Healthy Eater, via 50by25)

"Combating the budget-breaking allure of the sights, sounds and sensations of holiday shopping is as simple as being aware of their effects." (Psychology Today)

Here's yet another way to combat the budget-breaking holidays: 50 highly affordable gifts for Christmas on a budget. (The Costume Blog)

Do we all speak like Valley Girls now? "Uptalk" has moved from the malls of San Fernando Valley into the mouths of perfectly competent adults all around the country. (Pacific Standard Magazine)

If Wal-Mart is supposedly such a horrible place to work, then why do so many people want to work there? This post is an excellent critical thinking exercise. (Carpe Diem)

Is the new diabetic kid in South Park offensive to you? (A Sweet Life)

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Jen the linguist said...

Dan, I commend you for linking to a fairly scientifically careful report on the uptalk study! Linguistics research and its implications are often quite misleadingly reported in the press.

For people who are curious about more details of the uptalk study, and how SoCal uptalk is similar to and different from uptalk patterns in other regional varieties of English, see this recent post on Language Log (including the comments; one is from one of the authors of the SoCal uptalk study).

Daniel said...

Thank you Jen! Great to have your input.


Anonymous said...

If working in a Bangladeshi sweat shop that is likely to fall and kill you is so bad, why do so many want to work there?

Daniel said...

Just a quick reminder to readers who comment here (uh, anonymously or otherwise): I encourage constructive criticism, well though out ideas and reasoned arguments.

In the firmament of comments, the snarky, weirdly cryptic comment above ranks... pretty low. Perhaps even below the spam comments I often get that contain embedded links to sites selling illegal Viagra.

Again, just a helpful reminder.


Anonymous said...

Well link to a ridiculous argument and get a snarky answer. Gee why would someone take a job at Walmart or a Bangladeshi sweat shop? Maybe because the alternative is starving to death.

Daniel said...

At least now you're attempting to make an argument. :)

Look, I'm not sure if you're a regular Friday Links reader or not, but I tend to link to articles offering a really wide range of views. Some articles will conflict with your world view, (heck, many conflict with *my* views!). Believe it or not, this is actually a good thing, not a bad thing. No one learns anything in a self-reinforcing echo chamber.

But if it's too difficult for you to come face to face with something you disagree with, this is okay too. It's probably a sign you should find something else to read.