CK Friday Links--Friday December 27, 2013

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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The 100 greatest cooking tips of all time? (Food Network) PS: Interesting to see Paula Deen first.

The FDA will restrict the use of antibiotics in livestock. (New York Times)

The impact of rising corn prices on meat costs is significantly overstated. (Jayson Lusk)

A less than stellar customer service experience at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in London. 15 minutes late? (Aicha Qandisha, via Daniela Tovar)

Experts say experts can’t be trusted. (Calorie Lab)

Stop everything and follow Nicholas Taleb on Facebook (he’s the author of Antifragile
and the brilliant book The Black Swan). (Business Insider)

Irony Alert: A well-meaning blogger stomps all over James Altucher... to make a point about how we shouldn’t stomp all over people. (Medium)

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Jen Blacker said...

Couple of interesting reads there, thank you.

Two points...

Many places do the same thing with a reservation. You aren't going to be on time well too bad. The world does not revolve around you (you as in people who are late and hold up others).

As for the corn thing, last year I stocked up my freezer with beef, pork and chicken worried about this whole mess. Prices never fluctuated much and poultry prices stayed the same.

Daniel said...

You're welcome Jen!

The issue about feed prices and corn is interesting. The economics can be downright weird sometimes. For example, if feed prices go up *too* much, livestock farmers will cull their herd/flock and send more meat to the marketplace. Which (temporarily, at least) sends meat prices DOWN.

I wasn't sure what to think about the missing your reservation post. I guess that's why I shared it--to hear what readers think. :)


b0tias said...

Actually I think her blog post was about how that guy was completely oblivious to the role his white male privilege plays in his miraculous ability to 'bend the rules' and not how we shouldn't criticise anyone ever, so, not so ironic maybe?

Daniel said...

Absolutely agreed b0tias. The central point of her post was valid and not ironic at all.

But using Altucher in the way she did was astonishingly ironic.

I think if this author spent more time looking to Altucher's work, I think she'd find he's disarmingly, even painfully honest about the mistakes he makes and the things he does wrong.

Sure, he's sometimes tone-deaf too. Who among us isn't?


chacha1 said...

The Medium post is an example of why my list of blogs to read is really short. Bitch bitch whine whine "this guy I don't know whose actions have no effect on me whatsoever did something I disapprove of so Waaaaahhh."

b0tias said...

I haven't read his work, but what I'm getting is that you feel she painted him as an entitled jerk, and he comes across to you in his work as a nice, humble person.

Who knows. If he is really nice and humble, he might appreciate the reality check.

Daniel said...

Well, not exactly. I thought she literally stepped all over him as she made an otherwise valid case against stepping on people. Which struck me as ironic.

But fair enough, you're probably right... he probably *would* appreciate the reality check. I'd like to think I would if I were in that situation.


Anonymous said...

I found jendziura's post on white privilege to be spot-on. It's not a personal attack on Altucher; it's an indictment of the idea that "life-hacking" comes from one's personal positiveness or polite courage, when in fact it succeeds from the social privilege of the (white, male) life-hacker.

chacha1 said...

A point about re-framing the way we think about things can be made quite adequately without repeatedly calling out a public figure who is personally unknown to you.