CK Friday Links--Friday January 31, 2014

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Forget the risks of coffee: let's worry about cancer from grilled meats! I’d love to hear readers critique this article's reasoning and logic. (Slate, via Addicted to Canning) Also: Perhaps it’s time to re-read CK’s post on Worry Porn.

11 incorrect reasons people think calories don’t count. (Impruvism)

34 interesting kitchen hacks. (BuzzFeed)

Wait, a 32-ounce Mountain Dew is "bad" for you, but pot ...isn’t? (Jayson Lusk)

The idiocy of prescribing statins. (Protein Power)

Related: An intriguing post from a doctor vindicated as the medical industry abandons numeric cholesterol guidelines. (A Country Doctor Writes)

Here’s why you should try a 30 day "rejection challenge." (Quantified Self)

In defense of internet friendships. (Hello Giggles, via Alosha's Kitchen)

Easy, and far healthier than fast food: Chicken Nuggets. (My Humble Kitchen)

Forget cauliflower florets: roast the entire head! Spicy Whole Roasted Cauliflower. (PureWow)

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chacha1 said...

Nice Country Doctor piece. I should read him more often. I'm gonna send that link to my overmedicated parents. :-)

Melissa said...

Love the piece on counting calories. And I'm glad you liked the internet friends link. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support of "A Country Doctor Writes"

B said...

Its amazing to think I read articles in national geographic about how statins were a super drug, and cardiologists were self prescribing as a preventative. Shocking how these things backfire.

Marcia said...

I enjoyed the country doctor link. And especially enjoyed the earlier post about the over 40 pregnant woman. Wonder why. :)

I have internet friends. I "met" four women on a job board back in around the late 90s. We moved to our own board, are now FB friends, and I've met 2 of the 4 in person.

Daniel said...

Yep, I have internet friends too. :)

I thought the statin article(s) drove home a lot of useful concepts about our healthcare industry: how it's very consensus-driven; how pharma companies and doctors (sometimes) create and prescribe meds for "test-passing" rather than actual patient care, how once a treatment protocol is in place it's very hard to get rid of it. I never really thought about these industry drivers before.

Glad people found those articles useful!


Daniel said...

And just a quick, grateful word to A Country Doctor Writes: I want to thank YOU for all you do over at your site. You've taught me (and my readers here) a lot over the years.