CK Friday Links--Friday February 21, 2014

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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A beginner’s guide to French wine. (Serious Eats)

The "full fat" paradox. (NPR)

One of the few arguments against GMOs that resonates with me. (Farnam Street)

Why Chipotle says no to GMOs. (Huffington Post)

The "food desert" phenomenon doesn't actually exist. (Slate)

What papers to shred and how to shred them. (Unclutterer)

ADHD meds don't make a difference. (Nature)

"Look at one of your goals and ask yourself, 'How could I achieve this goal 2x, 5x, or even 10x faster?'" (Steve Pavlina)

Overcoming "morning peevishness." (The Art of Manliness)

What NOT to post on Facebook. (People I Want To Punch In the Throat)

Ten worthwhile independently-published books for your reading list. (EcoSalon)

Dear America: I saw you naked. Signed, TSA agents. (Politico) Bonus: The surprisingly tender love letters of one of America’s most hated presidents.

Why I tried to kill myself at UPenn. (Pennsive)

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chacha1 said...

dang, I couldn't get the Serious Eats post to load. But here's my version:

chablis = chardonnay
burgundy = pinot noir
bordeaux = cabernet sauvignon, blended, mostly dry
beaujolais nouveau = what you should drink all summer (chilled)
champagne = paint stripper OR the best thing you ever put in your mouth.

GMOs: my position is pretty simple. Ample (for me) evidence supports the conclusion that feralized GMOs contribute to rapid destruction of natural ecosystems. Ample evidence also supports the conclusion that GMOs are a power-grab and a profiteering menace by certain multinational multibilliondollar corporations which I am happy to personally blame for farmer suicides in India and bankruptcies in the U.S. Therefore, I hate GMOs.

Full-fat dairy: I'm a dairy girl myself but with a 100% sedentary job, I can't afford the extra calories. Mi esposo drinks full-fat raw milk and has certainly been healthier since he started, though I wouldn't say it's helped to keep his weight down, mostly because he does not adjust for the calories elsewhere (so it's not the milk's fault, is all I'm sayin').

Daniel said...

Hi Chacha, I checked the Serious Eats link and it's okay. Not sure what might have happened before.

The full-fat thesis is fascinating for another reason: it shows that not all calories are equal--at least from the standpoint of our bodies. A calorie from fiber, fat or protein provides much more satiety (and provides that satiety for a far longer time) than a calorie from sugar or carbohydrates. Thus, you eat less.

One of the key changes I've made to my diet is I have replaced my historically carb-based breakfasts with a protein- and fat-based meal. It keeps me feeling full for longer and, as counterintuitive as it sounds, it's helped me lose some body fat too.


Marcia said...

Interesting. I have been trying to go back more towards full fat dairy. Not sure if it's helping or not. Time will tell. Mostly I'm tired of having full fat for the toddler and low fat for the rest of us.