CK Friday Links--Friday March 28, 2014

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Lots of links this week... how about some recipes to start us off?
In 90 seconds flat, the great Paul Prudhomme teaches you how to cook the perfect fish. (Youtube)

THIS is the M+M Cookie recipe you've been looking for. (Alosha’s Kitchen)

Yes, you can make a legitimate Paella, with a socarrat and all, in your own home. Here's how. (Beyond Salmon)

Versatile, satisfying, delicious: Irish Colcannon. (Bibberche)

Related: Rumbledethumps. (Casual Kitchen)

Are climate models lying about food too? (Center for Global Food Issues)

Why blogging is a really, really good idea. (Scripting News)

Useful article on why people fall for conspiracy theories. (Bloomberg)

Do you have popcorn brain? (Lenore Robinson)

Your brain is a brilliant supercomputer. Here’s how to "prime it." (Steve Pavlina)

Which is worse: "theory laziness" or "data laziness?" (Noahpinion)

You'd be surprised how the best investors are just… lucky. (Fortune)

For intermediate level investors and above: How P/E ratios can mislead. (Philosophical Economics)

Watch every standard advertising cliche get mocked in this "generic" video. (Youtube, via Happy Holidays)

And as you watch that video above, remember, we consumers ultimately pay for all those inane cliches. (Casual Kitchen)

Finally.... a book recommendation: Nicholas Taleb's latest book Antifragile. This book is unlike any book you'll read, and it will give you a profound and practical new way to think about your world. Easily the best and most insightful non-fiction book I've read in the past year. Highly, HIGHLY recommended.

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