CK Friday Links--Friday April 4, 2014

Links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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You've been doing some reading... and now you're pretty sure everything in the grocery store and your cupboards is gonna kill you. (Northwest Edible Life)

Fascinating profile of the inventor of "artisanal toast." Really! (Pacific Standard Magazine)

Meanwhile, a cultural anthropologist explains how toast became "the tip of the hipster spear." (Grant McCracken)

Everything you'll ever need to know about cooking with ginger. (Budget Bytes)

Fresh veggie consumption is up 50% (!) in the USA since 1980--and that excludes the "french fry effect." (Jayson Lusk)

Odd details buried in the false advertising lawsuit settlement against Naked Juice. (Living Maxwell)

How to make your restaurant unstoppable. (Food Woolf)

My teens are embarking on their first job searches. How can I prepare them to do well in their job interviews? (Owlhaven)

If a doctor isn't face to face with a patient, is he still doctoring? If so, then how should doctors get paid? (A Country Doctor Writes)

"Someday you’ll understand, buddy. Someday you'll pick up the penny." Someday came. (Brave New Life)

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