CK Links--Friday September 12, 2014

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How the Food Pyramid f*cked up my life. (Frugal Healthy Simple) Readers: I'll offer my own thoughts on this post in Tuesday's article here at CK.

The idea that spinach is a good source of iron isn't just a myth. It's two myths. (Jayson Lusk)

Useful tips for replacing refined grains with whole grains in your diet. (Whole Grains Council)

Shaking up the salt myth. (Chris Kresser)

How to be frugal and live a good life. (Tynan)

"When your mind isn't occupied with Managing Stuff, whole new vistas of creativity open up." (Ombailamos)

A speech is not an essay. (HBR)

My short career as a landlord. (Retirement: A Full Time Job)

Beguiled by a narrative. (Robert P. Seawright)

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1 comment:

chacha1 said...

Thanks for the link, Dan! :-)

The article on salt was fascinating. Nice and sciency.

The piece on the Food Pyramid was not really news but I enjoyed it anyway. Got a little sad though over one of the comments ... she cites three soft-tissue injuries and says "I may never run again" and I just think "did you not see a physical therapist? and if not, why not?" Those things can be FIXED.

Another commenter points out the vital distinction between carbs and starches. So many people miss this. Not a distinction I guess so much as a subset. If you fill up on veggies and a little fruit, you are not going to miss the starches (grains, potatoes) nearly as much, AND you are not going to have blood-sugar spikes (unless you are preparing your veggies with added sugar).