CK Links--Friday September 5, 2014

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What I learned taking a homeless mother grocery shopping. (Babble, via 50by25)

Useful factsheet on transfats. (Fooducate)

Pennsylvania's state monopoly over booze is doomed. (1 Wine Dude)

If you look at fax tax/soda tax policy from the consumer standpoint only, you're making a grave error. (Jayson Lusk)

A cup of coffee when you first get up won't actually make you feel more awake. (Fast Company)

Sous vide goes mainstream. (Ars Technica)

Why we should seek "anti-mentors." (21st Century Stoic)

Interesting analysis of steampunk as it dilutes itself and moves to the mainstream… right into the latest Pottery Barn catalog. (Grant McCracken)

Are you curious enough to really communicate? (Dr. Jennifer Howard)

Beware status arrogance. (Overcoming Bias)

A compelling and strikingly optimistic take on the economy and the stock market from a former colleague of mine. (Business Insider)

Key cognitive errors to avoid as an investor. (What Works On Wall Street)

Book recommendation: 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman. An easy read, offering practical ideas on how to master distraction and focus your efforts on the most important things. I picked up several extremely useful insights from this book.

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1 comment:

Marcia said...

Oh, I hope they are right about PA and wine! I grew up there, and it bugs me that I cannot order wine to be delivered to my family!