CK Links--Friday November 21, 2014

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So damn addictive, this Cranberry Orange Pecan Bread. (Alosha's Kitchen)

You hardly even need a recipe for this: Roasted Cauliflower. (Diary of a Locavore)

An easy Anglo-Indian Beef Stir Fry, plus some great tips on tenderizing super lean beef.
(Food on the Food)

"I wanted to have a perfect body, but that’s not the case. And that's okay. Loose skin and all, I'm happy with where I've come from and where I am at now." (Huffington Post)

Related: What no one tells you about dramatic weight loss. (The Cut)

With GMOs, how can so many smart people be so sure that there's nothing to worry about? (Bloomberg)

More evidence that food miles have almost nothing to do with the carbon footprint of your food. (Farming Futures)

Related: Help the world by NOT going local and A Paradox for Locavores.

Whoops! Unilever inadvertently gives a small "mayo" maker a lot of free publicity. (Eat Drink Politics)

Another perspective on "Mayo-gate": Sometimes it's hard to know when consumer protection becomes protectionism. (Jayson Lusk)

Do you ever hear shark music? (Owlhaven)

I used to think that our genes are something we can't change. Imagine my surprise when I happened across a study which showed the opposite.

Westminster, Massachussetts attempts to pass a full-blown ban on the sale of all tobacco products. The town's reaction was… unexpected. (New York Times)

The shirt you wear is more important than landing a spacecraft on a comet. (The Verge)

Why I love the stock market. (A Wealth of Common Sense)

...But don't follow Tony Robbins' financial advice. Just... don't. (Barry Ritholz)

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Melissa said...

Thanks for the plug! I am making that bread for Thanksgiving and Christmas both. It's a crowd-pleaser for sure. And I dig that genetics article. I 've always resisted the idea that I am in any way held back by my genetics. NOPE. :)

Daniel said...

Any time Melissa! Great recipe, thank you for sharing it.