CK Links--Friday March 13, 2015

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Striking: Americans now spend more money on food in restaurants than on food prepared at home. (Carpe Diem)

Have food labels gone too far? At what point do our food labels become misleading? (Prairie Californian)

Why we still litter. (CityLab)

When you're on a budget and out of something, it's a problem. (Frugal Healthy Simple)

Letting go of the notion of "haste while driving." (Ombailamos)

Fascinating article on seeking out genuinely thoughtful disagreement. (Institutional Investor)

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"The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders." (Not Always On)

How "collaborative consumerism" will change our world. (Treehugger)

Cookbook recommendation: Fellow food blogger Rebecca Katz just published The Healthy Mind Cookbook, taking the latest research on improving cognition, mood and mental health, and translating it into delicious recipes that are great for the human mind. Have a look!

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chacha1 said...

Thanks for the link, Dan! :-)

re: food expenditure in restaurants - I saw the original story and thought "history blindness strikes again."

Not very long ago, *most* urban dwellers got almost all their food outside the home ... because their dwellings didn't include kitchens. Many didn't even have heat, e.g. fireplaces.

So this is actually not a new amazing thing. It's just a return to an old practice, this time due to efficiency rather than necessity.

Daniel said...

Any time Chacha! Thought it was a really good article.