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A brand new thing to feel guilty about: the "water footprint" of our food. (LA Times)

The authors of the new cookbook Genius Recipes share their brilliant list of "not recipes." (Food52)

At the USA-Mexican border, there's a Chinese food scene like no other. (PRI)

Paradoxically, our confidence that science has all the answers makes it difficult to identify and dismiss lies about nutrition. (Richard Dawkins via Visify)

Food science "warriors" should be a little more modest. (Chemicals In My Food)

Seven hidden benefits of frugal living. (The Simple Dollar)

Realizing we could easily live on 30% of our salary was easy. (Early Retirement Extreme)

How to stop checking your smartphone like an addict. (Max Ogles)

The subtle ways our screens are pushing us apart. (HBR)

Bonus! Why the Gettysburg Address remains a great case study in persuasion. (HBR)

Diamonds aren't costly because we desire them... we desire them because they are costly. (Tim Harford)

Related: Thorstein Veblen explains "conspicuous consumption."

Interesting article on video surveillance and how it doesn't make us any safer. (Pacific Standard)

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