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Mantecadas: super easy Mexican sweet bread. (Mexico In My Kitchen)

Chicken Kabobs: Why not play around with the marinade a bit? (Food and Fire)

Delicious, American takeout style Kung Pao Chicken. (Alosha's Kitchen)

Try cooking your broccoli a little longer. (Stonesoup)

Cleaning your cast iron pan. (Dad Cooks Dinner)

Don't get caught in the "local trap." (Jayson Lusk)

Then... and now. (Lefsetz Letter)

Marie is a French woman living in Brooklyn who has no job, no visa, and lives in a three-story house for free. Her secret? Living off the waste of others (Guardian)

The protein leverage theory of obesity. (Rogue Health and Fitness)

Bonus! What can happen to an old person in a hospital. (Rogue Health and Fitness)

The "future me problem" and other reasons why you don't want to live for today with your money. (The Simple Dollar)

What Google's self-driving car is learning about accidents. (Medium)

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