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Book recommendation: My friend and fellow food blogger Monica Bhide has a new book out, A Life of Spice, filled with beautifully written essays about food, family, culture and faith. You can check it out via the link here: A Life of Spice

A "voluminous backlash" after Chipotle announces they'll stop serving GMO foods. (Jayson Lusk)

Panera Bread pulls their own Chipotle move, removing many multisyllabic ingredients from their menu too. Get ready for brown cheese. (New York Times)

Researchers have discovered a "switch" in the brain controlling hunger and satiety, which could lead to novel anti-obesity drugs. (MedPage Today)

The primal/paleo community is far more diverse than you might think. (Mark's Daily Apple)

The Environmental Working Group put out a fear-ridden guide on poly-flourochemicals. Count the logic errors, or forever fear your dental floss. PS: Call the Food Babe! (EWG)

How to easily spot a BS clickbait political story. (Cracked)

There's one thing that's misunderstood about retirement investing. It's not out-and-out wrong. It's just not totally right. (Aleph Blog)

Throwing away the "retail therapy" crutch. (The Simple Dollar)

Intriguing short post about how an innumerate New York Times reporter played fast and loose with the facts to make our eighth graders look much less smart than they actually are. (Brad DeLong)

Related: How to develop a healthy cynicism of the media. (Quick Writing Tips)

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