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Nine paleo/primal podcasts you ought to hear. (Mark's Daily Apple)

In last week's links we read about the 100-year-old scientist behind the FDA's recent transfat ban. Here's another viewpoint, arguing that this ban does nothing except create intrusions into how and what we eat. (The Federalist)

Whole Foods gets caught overcharging customers? (CNN Money)

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Five interesting food trends, plus thoughts on a mindset of curiosity. (No Meat Athlete)

More thoughts on buttered coffee. (Bloomberg)

Nineteen sushi myths you probably believe. (Thrillist) But wait: isn't the one about women's hands being too hot true? No?

Twelve intriguing chicken drumstick recipes. (Community Table)

The "backfire effect" and how it screws up your conversations. (Big Think)

How to unlearn learned helplessness. (You Are Not So Smart)

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