CK Links--Friday July 24, 2015


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31 Days of Grilling Recipes! ($5 Dinners)

Why we're so scared of GMOs. (Washington Post)

John Oliver can't believe how much food we waste. (Mother Jones)

Related, recently at CK: The Tradeoff of "Sell By" Dates, Food Waste, and Food Safety

Have you noticed? Sommeliers are everywhere. (Steve Heimoff)

New York City is about to adopt a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers. Here's a good summary of the details. (Eater)

A moment of science: Jayson Lusk finds a problem--omitted variable bias--in the book The Big Fat Surprise. (Jayson Lusk)

Interesting post, by a nerd of course, who's not happy with the current direction of nerd culture. (Noahpinion)

You are free whether you like it or not. (Raptitude)

"If you want to be successful and live a long, stimulating life, keep yourself at risk intellectually all the time." (Wall Street Week)

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