CK Links--Friday October 23, 2015

Interesting articles from around the internet.

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How a fast food menu tricks you into paying more. (Medium) Reminds me of how the combo "extra value" meals aren't very good deals at many fast food restaurants. Sometimes they cost more.

Would it shock you to learn that American vegetarians, on average, eat a serving of meat per day? (Daily Beast)

Two ideas that have changed the way I look at meat-eating and significantly reduced my moral footprint with minimal inconvenience. (Slate Star Codex)

A few things I use to judge web sites and their recipes. (Kitchen Mage)

Are meal delivery services really worth it? (Jayson Lusk)

The USA (re)gains first place in world obesity rates. (BGR)

News doesn’t matter most of the time, and most people would be far better off if they spent their time consuming less news and more ideas that have more lasting import. (David Jackson)

You have just gone straight to one of the many "meta-narratives" that form the core of media journalism. (Stratfor)

Why home-ownership isn’t the panacea everybody thinks it is--particularly for minority groups and the poor. (Bankstocks)

By the end of this essay you'll know most of the important things I know about social status. (Melting Asphalt) Long but intriguing.

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Melissa said...

I still love your Friday links, Dan, and this week's collection was really good!

Daniel said...

Thank you Melissa!! I'm grateful for the feedback and really glad you enjoyed this week's articles.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article on vegetarians 'falling off the wagon' in more ways than one. I like how the author delved into the psychology behind the types of vegetarians. Interesting stuff. Good thing I wasn't drinking when I ate my roasted beet and hummus panini the other day.