CK Links--Friday December 18, 2015

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Holiday Spiced Cider! (Tasty)

Fascinating article on the science of how we taste, including proof that the so-called "taste map" on our tongues doesn't actually exist. (National Geographic)

With its recent e. coli outbreaks, Chipotle is finding out what happens to the safety of food when seemingly unnatural ingredients are not used. (Jayson Lusk)

How those universal symbols for things like bathrooms, escalators, and travel symbols were invented. (Atlas Obscura)

What it's like to work in a video store as it dies, killed off by Netflix. Excellent article. (Vox)

Useful ten minute TED talk on the propaganda technique of "astroturfing" along with techniques to protect yourself. (TED Talks)

Women are outperforming men. (Martin Van Creveld) Note: Be ready to employ your critical thinking skills as you read this article.

Nothing is more important than making the right choices. Here are 10 (actually 11) to consider. (Richard Koch)

Seeking happiness directly is a recipe for misery. (Medium)

Related: Happiness cannot be pursued, it must ensue. (Casual Kitchen)

Why you really, really should read the book Nudge. (Farnam Street)

Exceptional article on cancer research by Malcolm Gladwell. (New Yorker)

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Unknown said...

Daniel said...

Oh, that's a good article Martha, thanks for sharing that link.


Marcia said...

That "women are outperforming men" is a bunch of drivel.

Women in the STEM fields? Let me tell you, outgoing, aggressive go-getters are frowned upon, discriminated again, marginalized, laid off, or outright fired.

"Act like a woman" and be less aggressive, and don't get promoted.

Act like a man, go for what you want? don't get promoted.

Daniel said...

Marcia, you're not the only reader who holds that view! ;)