CK Links--Friday January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! Hard to believe it's 2016 already... and I hope you celebrated just the right amount last night. We'll be returning to regular weekly articles here at CK beginning on Tuesday, and I thank everyone for indulging me while I took a brief break from writing. Also, a warning: Tuesday's post might be a little weird.

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Five wine myths to put to rest. See especially #4. (Food 52)

The recent repeal of “country of origin” labeling isn’t the dark conspiracy you think it is. (Jayson Lusk)

A young kid loses a chess match--and learns a priceless lesson on how to think. (Farnam Street)

Psychology has an astounding left-wing bias. (Quillette)

Do you have the right to tell people that their culture sucks? (Wanderstrudel)

Everyone is capable of 3-5 times more output by changing just a few simple things. (Dan Martell, via 50by25)

Forget about setting resolutions. How about adopting Stoic principles for 2016? (Prokopton)

Interesting excerpts from letters on wealth from Buffett, Rockefeller and others to their children. (Fast Company)

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1 comment:

chacha1 said...

Re Wine Myths ... Our wine & liquor cabinet is in the dining room and unfortunately in the line of fire of our central heat/air. At least it is closed, there is no vibration, and the temperature is kept pretty constant. But really, we solve the wine-storage dilemma by drinking it fast. Heh.