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Our 40-year embrace of "calories in, calories out" has actually contributed to obesity, according to the author of the new book Always Hungry. (Forbes)

Readers, does this ad in any way make you want to buy Campbell's Soup? (Youtube)

Stored fat is a feat of evolution, and your body will fight you to keep it. (The Conversation)

Apropos of the photo from the prior link: The "Headless Fatty" is a staple of news journalism. (Dr. Charlotte Cooper)

Time to decolonize your diet. (San Jose Mercury News, via Mollie Katzen)

Thinking "on the margin" is one of the great personal finance and economics skills. Here's why. (Econlib)

How do I become the kind of person who reads all these books rather than just talks about them? (Farnam Street)

Four experts explain why we love to make year end lists. Intriguing. (Hopes and Fears)

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