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As much as I can't stand branded boxed cereal, it's vaguely disturbing to discover the main reason Millennials won't eat it: it's too much work to clean up afterwards. (New York Times)

Related: How cereal companies hide sugar in plain sight. (Casual Kitchen)

Interesting how defensive public health elites sound as they try to justify Berkeley, CA's soda tax. (Contra Costa Times)

The worry porn never ends: JNJ gets sued--and loses!--for hilariously baseless claims linking talcum powder with ovarian cancer. (Reuters)

The New Yorker profiles Mr. Money Mustache, and the article was a lot less condescending than you'd expect. (New Yorker, via No Gimmicks Nutrition)

Being frugal makes you a loser. (A.J. Kessler)

Why not begin with an activity as old as the human race: asking the advice of the oldest people you know? (Aeon)

Interesting article from Malcolm Gladwell's archives on doping in sports, likening it to the use of Ritalin, Prozac--even cosmetic surgery. (Malcolm Gladwell)

A really good interview with one of my favorite sportswriters: Jon Wertheim. (Jeff Pearlman)

What's the minimum amount of money you'd require in exchange for going back to live as John D. Rockefeller in 1916? Intriguing and counterintuitive thoughts about wealth. (Cafe Hayek)

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