Review: Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka

One of the perks of having a long-lived food blog is you get some intriguing items sent to you by companies looking to do grass-roots marketing.

I protect my readers from the “meh” products (which is most of them, sadly), but I do want to tell you about the products that are actually really good.

With that as backdrop, Zodiac Vodka recently sent me a bottle of some of the best vodka I’ve tasted in years.

We tested out Zodiac’s new Black Cherry Vodka, repeatedly, and loved it. It’s a 100% potato-based vodka, made exclusively from Idaho potatoes and distilled and bottled in Rigby, Idaho. Zodiac is a relatively new brand, and it’s gradually rolling out across the USA right now.

And it’s good. Really good. Easy to drink, smooth, and with a mild, gently sweet black cherry flavor. Readers, this is really, really good vodka.

Finally, and most importantly for Casual Kitchen readers, Zodiac Vodka sells for just $24.99 for a 750ml bottle, which means it’s priced at a surprisingly attractive value. As we’ve seen from our dark chocolate tastings as well as from many other food categories, the best product in any product segment is rarely the most expensive. In fact, the most expensive product is often priced where it is because the producers attempt to appeal to our sense of identity construction, our Veblen-esque subconsicous need for status.

In stark contrast, Zodiac Vodka is a high end vodka at a mid-range price: a quality and price combination where a smart consumer gets maximum value. It’s a pleasure to find an exceptional product like this sold at such a fair value. Try it.

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