CK Links--Friday March 25, 2016


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First: Jayson Lusk, author of The Food Police, has a brand new book out: Unnaturally Delicious. Have a look!

Related: Striking--and cost-effective--innovations in chicken housing. (Jayson Lusk)

An easy, interesting coffee idea for Easter time: Cadbury Creme Egg Coffee. (Brewed Daily)

Most people at the gym spend most of their time on their phones or on their butts. Here’s a better idea for better workouts: active recovery. (Neat Strength)

Even if soda taxes don’t change our health or habits, they do have other benefits. (Vox)

What to look for in a good, cheap bottle of wine. (Thrillist, via 1 Wine Dude) Speaking for us here at CK, we’ve always had great luck and amazing value from Chilean Carmeneres and Argentine Malbecs.

Getting help with my growing insomnia issue. Useful advice here. (100 Days of Real Food)

An anti-reading list. (Motley Fool)

Can close friends who you don’t see often really give you emotional sustenance? (Ben Casnocha)

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