How to Resuscitate a Tired-Looking Old Sponge and Make it Like New Again

Readers, just a quick post today on how to get a lot more mileage out of a common household sponge.

We all know that a kitchen sponge can start to look a little worn down over time. After washing enough dishes and wiping down enough counters and stovetops, a standard sponge will start to get stained and beat-up looking.

Heck, it may even start to smell a little "off" ... for lack of a better word.

There's an easy fix for this that will return your sponge to like-new condition. You'll get significantly more mileage out of it without having to buy a new one.

It's laughably simple: First, find a bowl big enough to fit the entire sponge. Add about a cup of water and about 1/3 cup of household bleach to the bowl. Squeeze out the sponge, place it in the bowl, and squeeze it a several times in the bleach/water solution to make sure the solution is well absorbed into the sponge. Let it stand for ten minutes or so, flipping it over once or twice, squeezing the sponge a few more times in the solution. Finally, thoroughly rinse and squeeze the sponge carefully under cold running water.

Et voila: You have a new-looking sponge good for quite a bit more use--at the cost of penny or two's worth of bleach. Enjoy!

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Juli said...

Also… a super quick solution to the smelling a little "off" — saturate it with water, put it on a plate, and microwave it for a couple minutes! It doesn’t fix the coloring issues (like the bleach would), but it does kill bacteria and make it seem much fresher/cleaner. And with minimal effort! :)

Daniel said...

Brilliant idea Juli, thank you for sharing!