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You really should start caring more about seeds. (Pacific Standard)

Honey, sucrose, HFCS… it is all the same. (USDA)

There's a schism in the standards for organic foods. (HuffPo)

"Farm to Fable." Farm-to-table restaurants are lying about food sourcing. (NPR)

Food plagiarism: you can't stop it. (Washington Post)

So I finally decided to give up the ghost of weight loss. I don't think I will ever lose weight, or be a "success story." (A Sweet Life)

"You can spend the rest of your life tiptoeing around the triggers you have for these migraines, or…." (A Country Doctor Writes)

Speedreading: Devouring an entire book in a few seconds and discovering it only said what you already thought anyway. (The Kernel) Readers, I recommend reading this article slowly.

How minimalism brought me freedom and joy. (James Altucher)

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